If we have not answered all of your questions here, please feel free to contact a sales representative (347) 947-9319

1. What is the difference between a real wall and a pressurized wall?

A real wall is permanently attached to the floor, walls and ceiling with screws and adhesives, creating an extremely messy and expensive repair cost for a removal. The owner would also have to hire an expeditor and architect to file the changes with the Department of Buildings which also significantly increases the price of the project. In most cases, a pressurized wall does not have any screws or adhesives to hold it up hence no damage is done to the apartment.

2. What do the pressurized walls look like?

Absolutely Amazing! They look unbelievably like the real walls in the apartment. With your help we can match your baseboards and paint color. Your guests will never know there is an artificial wall in your apartment.

3. How long does this all take?

Approximately 4-5 hours total time in the apartment pending on the size and amounts of walls to be installed.

4. What if the ceilings in my apartment are not concrete?

If the ceilings are concrete slab, textured (commonly known as popcorn) plastered, tin or drywall, we can install the wall with out hesitation.

5. What if the ceiling in my office is acoustic/drop ceiling?

Please contact us for an onsite estimate, or call (877) 679-9255.

6. Do you hang flat screens on the wall?

Yes, ask a sales rep for an estimate.

7. Can you build the wall the same day I move in?

No, it is not suggested to do this. We can try to install the wall before you take possession of the apartment or after your move has been completed.

8. What can I hang on the wall?

You have a limit of 30 lbs per side on a pressurized wall. We do not suggest you do shelving or television mounts on our wall without consulting us first. There is an additional charge to build the wall so that it may safely hold up your belongings.

9. What color are the walls?

Walls are painted with two coats of Benjamin Moore Paint. The colors are White, China White, Linen White or White Dove with a flat finish at no additional cost. Custom colors or finishes such as eggshell, Low/Zero VOC paints are charged accordingly or you may paint the partition yourself with any color and finish you like.

10. My building doesn’t have an elevator, is that a problem?

No problem at all, our efficient crews can walk up our materials for NO ADDITIONAL FEE.

11. What if my wall is not standard, then what?

One of our competent sales staff will assist you for a free no obligation onsite estimate.

12. How soundproof is the wall?

We can install sound reducing materials in our pressurized walls. We offer options such as Green Glue, QuietRock drywall and Sound Attenuating Fire Batts. The mineral wool insulation is no longer used in modern construction practices, our pressurized wall can be the equivalent to what you have now. Need a greater sound barrier? No problem.

13. What do we do about removals?

You must by contractual obligations contact us directly no less than FOUR (4) weeks prior to the desired removal date.

14. Can the walls be transferred into another apartment?

No. Since the floors and ceilings are not consistently level, they cannot be transferred from one location to another. We can however utilize a majority of the material and offer a better rate the second time around.

15. How much of the wall money is refunded to us?

Because we are under contractual obligation to remove the wall by you or by the management's request, and since you may paint the wall with any color, mount or hang objects on the room divider, we have eliminated the need to collect any deposit.

16. The next tenants want the wall in the apartment, can we leave it for them?

MPW reserves the right to transfer the title of our pressurized partition to any future occupants, owners or managements for a fee pending on the product. Several NYC management companies request that the wall be removed regardless of the request. This can only be determined on an individual basis.

17. How long is the lease?

The lease is for a period of up to 2 years, after which you may extend after that if needed. The 3rd and 4th year’s lease extension fee can be found on your agreement.

18. What happens if we don’t give the mandatory 4 weeks notice?

You will be charged $360.00 to be paid in full prior to removal of the wall system from the location. Breach of this clause on the contract may constitute the loss of your security deposit on your apartment lease to no fault of our own.